ninety (eight) degrees

After my last cinematheque class of the year (which, we watched a really, really great film tonight—more on that in a sec), I went for a run.  Now, I’ve wanted to go on a run for a while now, but haven’t had the time.  Running when it’s 91 degrees, even at night, after months of not taking it seriously was a pretty dumb idea.  I made it up State Street, which is a fairly steep hill, around the corner and embarrassingly gave up after I passed a large bar crowd.  Thinking about this failure drew up a few ideas that I can talk about for my critique in two weeks that I honestly have nothing to show.  I guess I can talk about the spelling bee that I am organizing and the small gallery that I’m building.  On top of that, my other working ideas include a maze of failure designed for ants, a series of photos of me wearing ornate and intricate hand sewn headdresses of flightless birds at airports, continuing on my palmistry, and my interests in noetic psychology.  I also demonstrated to a friend tonight how I am able to continuously do heel clicks (happy kicks) with duality on both sides of my body for reasonably an hour.  She suggested that I turn that into a street performance piece.  While that could work, I don’t want that kind of a reputation in Portland.  That would mean competing with electric-guitar-on-bike guy, the whistler, and retired-sailor-look-a-like-turned-jewelry-salesman guy (if you’ve been in Portland for one day, you would know exactly who I’m talking about).

The film we watched was called WR: The Mysteries of the Organism.  Let me list a basic synopsis:

-Dry, hysterical, witty humor

-border line pornographic

-cult like protagonists

-like able characters

-crazy and uncomfortable doctor/patient scenarios


-fake military man

-white horse

-a really fantastic ending

It got me thinking that I would really like to visit the Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangely, Maine.  Possibly this weekend or next.  One of my professors for the class, Kenneth White built a orgone energy accumulator, which he donated to the MFA office, based off this film and the teachings of Wilhelm Reich.  I can’t wait to try it out.

Orgone Energy Accumulator

If you’re interested in watching 80 minutes of enlightened absurdity, I highly recommend checking this film out.  I might watch it a second time.


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2 responses to “ninety (eight) degrees

  1. Hey! What is an orgone energy accumulator? Also, I want to tell you that I believe in you. You may feel like you fail at some things, but you are a really awesome person with crazy interests and abilities and an amazing person. basically what i’m trying to say is… GO JOYCE!

    • Blaise, an orgone energy accumulator is basically a wooden box, lined with insulation and sheet metal. Wilhelm Reich was the first scientist that worked under Sigmund Freud and while Freud believed that the libido existed in every person, Reich believed that it was an actual quantifiable substance. Orgone energy is essentially just the libido. Supposedly, this box just harvests orgone energy from the environment around it, and you sit in it to regain “life force”. It has been said that it induces orgasms, but I think that’s pretty ridiculous.

      Also, thanks for the words of encouragement. I believe in myself, too. (this just reminded me of the courage wolf meme)
      I think it’s important to fail. Some things just don’t work out. Right now, I’m just trying to learn to fail better.

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