A List of Things To Do For When You Get Lost

Before you read this, Know This:

This is a list of things to do for when you get lost. If you feel unsure, if you feel anxious, if you feel hopeless, if you feel restless, promise to me that you follow this list.

  1. Cut your hair, one strand at a time.
  2. Travel by foot, travel by bike, travel by car or plane as far as you can, until you cannot go any further and the foreign feels familiar.
  3. Give away all of your possessions one by one until you no longer own them, but internalize them.
  4. Play a song until it gets stuck in your heart.
  5. Imagine yourself eating your favorite food. Imagine how it tastes. Imagine how it feels in your mouth. Imagine it filling your stomach. Now make it for someone you love.
  6. Call your best friend, and tell them you love them.
  7. Think of a horrible memory. Let it go forever. Think of a happy memory. Recount it out loud.
  8. Sew yourself a flag. Declare yourself the dictator.
  9. Stop looking for something that is lost. It will come back to you when it is ready.

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