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Freeze My Friend, Kim.

This is unusual for me to do and not art related, but I have a special request from anyone who reads this blog/website.

If you and I have personally talked in the last year, you will know that one of my best friends and roommate, Kim Suozzi¬†was diagnosed with stage IV glioblastoma brain cancer approximately fourteen months ago. I love this woman, and it’s been a horrible, tragic, and wild journey for her to take this on. Her cancer recently moved from her left frontal lobe to her brain stem, making it not only inoperable, but cutting down her life expectancy to at max, six months. She has already survived the odds by living a year post-prognosis with this incredibly aggressive cancer. Her last wish is to be cryogenically frozen upon death. This procedure is incredibly expensive, controversial, and risky. We are currently raising funds for this through PayPal Here. You may not agree with cryogenics, but please consider donating anything you can or forwarding this post, her blog or donation link. Help my friend reach closure and put her mind and soul at rest.

Kim Suozzi has singularly been the most influential person in my art practice. She is not only a caring and thoughtful woman, a cat-whisperer, a loyal companion, outspoken defender, and friend but the world will truly be a less funnier, less intelligent, less everything place without her.


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