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A Few Images of A Funeral For Your Past

Cat’s Cradle #1

Polyurethane, String


1 of 3

A Dermic Vigil

Paper, Light


Palm Garden

Plaster, Salt, Makeshift Garden Box


Palm Garden Detail

Goodbye, So Long

Vellum Hands


Goodbye, So Long Detail

If anyone has any pictures of the reception, please share them with me at joycecwong.art@gmail.com.  I didn’t get a chance to take anything because I was reading palms!  Thank you so much, and thanks to everyone who made it!  What a crowd!

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X-posted from STRANDS

My piece that I had been working on with the hair got into the student show–I wanted to submit three pieces and felt that this was something that was different enough to get accepted.  Sorry I didn’t get to get critique’d first!

Here are just some quick photographs I took.  I’ll hopefully get around to photographing for my portfolio before the show ends.  Also, my Berlin, Berlin!piece got in as well.


I’ve been getting really good results, too.  At the end of every day, Section One is empty and Section Two is full–people actually are participating in the experiment and are not too grossed out by the hair.  I’ll start posting daily results soon.

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